When college friends Vivienne and Jason met over drinks one night, Vivienne was distracted by a rash from her necklaceIt wasn't the first time she had to deal with irritation caused by fashion jewelry, no matter from indie designers or mass retailers. It became the topic of the night and it seemed everyone they knew was resigned to tolerate this all too common annoyance. And so the pair set out to find a solution. After a fruitless search for fashion jewelry that fit their criteria — stylish, hypoallergenic, and affordable — Vivienne and Jason decided to create ZOETIK.


What's ZOETIK? ZOETIK (sounds like poetic!) comes from 'zoe', the Greek word for life. Our pieces don't sacrifice quality for affordability and are made only with hypoallergenic metals, and plated with real gold and rhodium. Whether you're wearing our pieces in the office, at happy hour, or on that hot date, we promise you’ll not only look great, but also feel great too. ZOETIK is fashion jewelry for life.





Vivienne So - After stints in fashion show production at New York Fashion Week and digital branding for fashion apparel, Vivienne jumped at the chance to start and build ZOETIK with Jason. Vivienne can be found out on the town with her friends, and, when not eating and shopping, at any of the downtown Soulcycle or Exhale studios.


Jason Choi - Jason's passion for efficiency and logistics was a natural match for Vivienne’s sense of creativity and fashion. Besides working on ZOETIK, you can find him at his local Crossfit box, Crossfit Hell's Kitchen, or fulfilling his other title of Funcle (Fun + Uncle) to his nieces Madelyn and Anneliese.



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